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I hope you are well-known about WordPress. Now you want to install it on your machine. For this task, you need a PHP environment. Very easily you can make PHP environment on your machine by installing XAMPP or AMPP. I want to suggest you XAMPP for Windows, Mac, and Linux for practice only, it is easy and free from unknown error. In this post, we will learn how to install WordPress on a website.

I’m showing you the installation process of WordPress on your live server or your root domain. For this at first log in your domain cpanel/control panel by typing your website address/cpanel(  Now you are in cpanel home page and scroll to down. Then go to Softacuolas App Installer. Here you will see many software to install from them select WordPress and click to install. Please look at the below image…

Install WordPress on a live server!

how to install wordpress

Now you will see the WordPress installation page with many options. From here I’m selecting the important options for this setup like as the following image

Software Setup :

If you browse this page carefully you will see many options on top of this page and the entire page also. At first, the setup section contains three input options one is  “choose protocol” and the subheading telling you, its variations. So you need to select this according to your existing protocol. Next is “Choose Domain”,  here type your domain name or site name. No need fillup anything in this section.

Site Setting :

The “Site Setting” option is less important because it can customize or change it later from WordPress settings. If you want to fill up this section type site name under Site Name Option and type a slogan of your site under the Site Description option.

Admin Account :

Now the important one “Admin Account” section to install WordPress. Obviously,  you know that any kind of account registration username and password is important. So you should choose a strong password and an uncommon username also. So that a hacker can’t hack your site. Fill up “Admin Username” with a name that you like and it is also uncommon, in “Admin Password” option put a strong password mixed with a letter, number, and sign. Use an email in “Admin Email” option.

Choose Language :

Select your mother language it is available for you.

Select Plugin(s) :

For a WordPress website, different time needs some extra functionality for more flexibility. In that case, a plugin is needed. Keep it in default.

Advance Option :

No need to expend this section.

Select Theme :

WordPress “Theme” is the oxygen of a WordPress based website. You can select a theme from here or buy a theme from WordPress theme selling online market. The theme depends on your website design and layout.

And at the bottom, before click “Install” button please add your email it’s below. Now wait for just a minute, it will take you on your website home page.

Install WordPress on your local machine

Before to start this section you should download install a xammp software for creating a WordPress supporting environment for windows os user.

In this part, I’ll show you that how to install WordPress on your local machine very easily. For this, go to your “C” drive and click on it like C drive > xammp > htdocs > create a folder here > copy WordPress file on it.

After coping WordPress files and folders on that folder that you are created on htdocs, Now browse your site by typing localhost in browser address bar. You see the page like below image

install wordpress in local machine

Now click phpMyadmin menu which is located in the right corner of this page. Next, you will need some information to create a database name, a database  username and a database password for register your site on xampp or local server. After clicking the phpMyadmin menu you will see the page like below image

database creation page

In this page, many navigations are displaying for performing the different functions at first you need to create a user and database details. For this click in the “user account” menu which arrow marking on the top. So you need to click on that menu… After that, you will see the add user page as the following image

new user creation

Create Username and Database

Now the important work here for creating details about your website. Don’t be worry about that, I’m showing you how to perfectly finish this task without any error message. Just follow the arrow sign on the image below.

First is Username – here you type a username that you prefer, next is a Localhost name – here you will see a “%” sign cut it and type “localhost” normally, After that the most important input is Password – here you can type password mixed of 8 characters and retype that in next input area.

Now is for Database for user account – check both options which are under arrow marked.

Next is Global privileges – also check the arrow mark checkbox. Finally, click the go button and right corner on that page.

user account creation on xammp


That is nice you have created the username and database to install WordPress on your local server. Let’s start the main point. For better understanding, I’m presenting an image sequence bellow….
At first extract, your folder like WordPress 4.9.8 > wordpress, select all folder and file and copy then past these in xammp > htdocs > test like bellow images

wordpress install

install wordpress

Now go to your browser address bar and type localhost/test or your folder name, then hit enter


You will see like as bellow

choose a language

From here select a language that you prefer and click on continue. After this, you will see a page like as following

install wordpress

What are we need for installing the WordPress this page telling us that. Click “let’s go”

install wordpress

In here type your created (That you have created on PHPmyAdmin) Database Name in where WordPress, Username in where username, Password in where password, Database Host no need overwrite and Table Prefix will be same. Then hit Submit button.

install wordpress


Click on Run the installation button. Now you are there in a form page, here you need to create site name, site title, WordPress username and password. Put an email in this form check the search engine visibility (Local server). Then hit install WordPress.install wordpress

Now you will see the log page and click Log in button

install wordpress

After clicking login button you are here

install wordpress

Here pass your WordPress username and password for login to the WordPress admin panel.  Now we have completed the WordPress installation, finally, we are in the WordPress admin panel now.

install wordpress

It is the WordPress admin panel. Now you can upload a theme and revise some settings of WordPress. If you have a query to know about WordPress installation then contact me by subscribing in our site. Thank you. You may read the WordPress setting post from here.


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